As a place for musicians, designers, and makers, Etsy takes intellectual property rights and trademark infringements on Etsy seriously. This helps to both protect the rights of the people selling on Etsy and to maintain the integrity of their creative market platform.

So, what happens when a seller accidentally violates the intellectual property rights of another creative? What should they do to recover from it and get back to business as usual?


It can be very disheartening when your ability to sell the products that you love becomes suspended. 

However, if you follow the advice outlined in this article, you’ll increase your chances of getting back to business.


When Etsy removes or disables access in response to a user-submitted report or an automated detection, Etsy creates a reasonable attempt to contact the affected member, provide information about the report and elimination, and, in cases of alleged copyright violation, supply advice about how to submit an appeal or counter-argument.

Etsy may also provide a copy of the infringement notice, including the name and email address of the reporting party, to the affected member.

If you haven’t already, check the emails, phone messages, and any other communication channels that Etsy may use to see if they have reached out to you. You should be able to find specific steps from them regarding your current situation.


Intellectual Property law can be difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, we can’t give specific legal advice to you over an article (we can only provide info which is purely educational in nature).

If you’d like to get specific legal advice, you’ll need to speak to an attorney (if you’d like to talk to us, we’d be happy to schedule a free consultation with you).


If you and your attorney believe that you didn’t actually violate someone else’s Intellectual Property, file a response to the notice. If Etsy accepts your counter, then you may begin selling your product approximately 10 business days after your response has been processed.

Then, you can get back to selling what you love!

In Conclusion

Etsy Trademark Infringement: What To Do
1) Don’t Give Up Hope
2) Listen To The Advice That Etsy Provides
3) If You Believe You Didn’t Infringe On Someone Else’s Intellectual Property, Contact A Lawyer
4) File A Counter Notice
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